Race Village Details

Our race village is where all the magic happens. We have an awesome crew and we hope to get to meet them, please remember to be friendly as they cannot wait to host you. Our focus is to be as environmentally aware as possible and this is taken through right to our suppliers, please join us in this by reusing what you can.

Oxpecker Shop

Our Oxpecker shop is extremely popular as we offer items that are unique to the event. We approach small South African businesses and together create a product which is unique to Oxpecker and only sold at the event. Items in the shop range from activewear to sheepskin slippers (made in our town!), to windbreakers, to casual wear and even Oxpecker fudge! We suggest coming early to avoid  disappointment. (Waste save: We try reduce waste here so all our items come as they are rather than pre-packed in plastic.)

Oxpecker Bar

We have a well stocked, reasonably priced bar and we love variety. Proceeds from our bar go to supporting our local charities. Our charity starts at home so it is based around all our staff that work on our event and in our area. Please note that alcohol cannot be brought into the event and will be checked at the entrance. (Waste save: We try reduce waste here by using cups made from corn which we wash and reuse at the event. We also have draught machines reducing bottles.)

Oxpecker Meals

You are in for a TREAT! With 69% of Oxpecker’s runners being ladies we really focus on the food. Our awesome team from Capitol Caters create mouth watering food with such variety. You can expect beautiful salads (even with rocket!), locally sourced meats, home made granola and nutritious veggies! Over the Oxpecker weekends they cater for 18 000 meals, they also source their ingredients locally which means alot to us!

Oxpecker Hot Box tea and coffee

Our Hot Box is our warm tent where you can help yourself to tea, coffee and juice throughout the day and evening. It is also stocked with cookies or fruit.


We have a well stocked tuckshop that stocks anything from waters, chocolates and chips to Rehidrate to Steri Stumpies.

Shoe donation

Should you have any shoes that you don’t have a use for, please bring them with! There will be a crate at the finish line where you can donate your running shoes. After the event the shoes are sorted into sizes and at our staff party the shoes are handed out. Please note to all those who have donated in the past THANK YOU, it is really appreciated.

Charging station

We have a designated area for charging devices, please bring your adapter and charger and charging is at your own risk. We would suggest labelling your accessories.

Race office/Garment swap

Our race office is run by our friendly team who can help you with any issues during the weekend. Should your goodie bag garment not fit you this is where it can be exchanged. Garment swap takes place on Saturday after Day 1’s race, please note there is limited stock available as stock has to be kept for the following weekends.

Stretch session

At 2pm on Saturday, we have a tranquil stretch session along the river bank, please bring a mat.

Our highlight History Talk

At 3pm on Saturday, Ray Heron does a history talk on the Battle of Spioenkop, which is the mountain that you run over. An absolute HIGHLIGHT of the weekend.


We all know about the caffeine craze that is why we have the well-known Terbedore Coffee on board in the coffee tent. The team is up early as well as late to satisfy those caffeine needs.

The Pig Rig Craft Beer

The Nottingham Road Brewery’s is one of South Africa’s oldest breweries and is sought after by many! Their serving trailer is called the Pig Rig and they have a whole range of different craft beers available. (Waste save: We try reduce waste here by using cups made from corn which we wash and reuse at the event. We also have draught machines reducing bottles.)

Massage and Physio

Need to get those legs ready for Day 2 or have any aches and pains? We have the place for you! Appointments are booked in advance by email and you can try on the day. They also offer pre-run strapping on both days. Please email: oxpeckermassage@gmail.com

Running accessories

Should you wish to look at a sports watch or running glasses we will have a shop selling these items.