The Oxpecker Trail Run

How to contact us
If you have any queries relating to your entry, accommodation, supporter please email

Or please see our FAQ below:

1. I don’t have an entry and would like to try get one?
Please add yourself onto our waiting list. To have more of a chance of getting a ticket please join our Facebook group as this is where runners will sell their entries. Once you found an entry please follow the substitution process.

2. I can’t make the event and would like to sell my entry?
Please join our Facebook group (linked) and post that you would like to sell your entry. Once you found a buyer please follow the substitution process.

3. My friend is running another event can I change events?
Unfortunately, we cannot move runners between events because all 3 events have waiting lists and the runners on the waiting lists have priority over runners who have got into one of the other events and would like to swap.

4. Are we allowed supporters at the event?
Following COVID rules, no spectators are allowed at the event.


If and the above can’t help you then please email, please allow a couple days for a response to your email as we are full time farmers and are out working cattle all day and do emails in the evenings.


Run around the historic Spioenkop Mountain and along the banks of the powerful Tugela River all with a view of the Drakensberg.