The Oxpecker Trail Run

Before you fill in the contact us form, perhaps we can help you by us answering our FAQ:

  1. I’d like to buy someone’s entry or I’d like to sell my entry to someone, what do I do? Follow this link to find out exactly how to do this: Substitutions
  2. I’d like to bring my supporter along, can I do this? Follow this link to find out more info: Supporters
  3. My friend is running another event can I change events? Unfortunately we cannot move runners between events because all 3 events have waiting lists and the runners on the waiting lists have priority over runners who have got into one of the other events and would like to swap.
  4. Do you guys have a training programme? We will be releasing our 3-month-to-go training programme on the 22nd February. You’ll be able to find it here: Training Programme

If you have any questions about the race, route, entry, accommodation or sponsorship please contact us using the contact form below. Please note all of the fields are required.


Run around the historic Spioenkop Mountain and along the banks of the powerful Tugela River all with a view of the Drakensberg.