Ox Pecker Trail Run

Yellow-billed Batching

The ITEC Oxpecker Trail Run


Please click the link below to download the Yellow-billed Batching PDF to see which batch you are in.

Yellow-billed Batching PDF

Want to change your batch? It can only be done at registration, please don’t email us as we cannot change it.
Don’t see your name? Please email us.

Batching is in surname order.
The race begins at 8am and there is 10 minute breaks between batching.
On race day, should you jump a batch forward, there is a 1-hour penalty, you may however move down a batch, please could you just let us know.

Hey all you first time stage runners – please don’t stress at all you are going to be fine and have an absolute TREAT of a weekend! Worried about what batch? Just start at the back of the batch you have been placed in.