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Packing List

Find out exactly what to pack.

ALL runners and paid for supporters will receive ALL meals.
Supporters that haven’t booked supporter packages won’t be allowed access to meals.
Weather in May: Cold mornings but heats up to about 20 degrees during the day, very cold in the evenings.
Do I need to bring cash? All paid runners and paid supporters will receive all meals. Bar and shop items are for cash sale. There is no ATM, we are in the bush!

For 2021, there is a compulsory COVID form (below) which needs to be printed out, filled in and brought with you to registration of the event. Your temperature will be taken at the gate and filled onto your form. Unfortunately we cannot accept you onto the venue without doing a prescreening.

COVID-19 Screening Form

Download your packing list by clicking the relevant button below:

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