The Oxpecker Trail Run

  1. 1. How hectic is this trail run?

    Runners will be following mostly hand cut trails and cattle tracks mainly used for the Berg and Bush cycling event. We have also resurrected some paths up Twin Peaks to war memories.

  2. 2. What is the starting time for the event?

    The starting time for both days is 08:00 am. Transport for day 2’s secret start leaves at 7:20 from the race village. No one is to drive to the start.

  3. 3. Can walkers do this event?

    Absolutely, walkers are welcome. You will be entered as a runner so there is no separate entry for walkers. There is no cut off time so you can have the morning enjoying the views. It is imperative that you start in “slack pecker” batch.

  4. 4. Do you get a tent with the “full house” option?

    Yes, you receive a tent and a mattress. All other bedding must be brought yourself.

  5. 5. Can you do one day only?

    Should you get injured or find yourself not fit to run day 2, please let the timing people know.

  6. 6. Is it a circular route?

    Yes, every day is “out and back”.

  7. 7. Is there an ATM close by?

    No, so please bring cash or draw in Winterton (Approx. 18km from the race village)

  8. 8. What happens if i can’t make the compulsory registration on Friday?

    If the is NO WAY you can make it, it is imperative that you let us know BEFORE the race otherwise you will not be timed and will not be able to stand for any places.

The route is already being prepared for you, get excited!