The Route

The Oxpecker Trail Run

Day 1 – 20km

The first day is mainly awesome scenic single track which takes you to the top of the historic Spioenkop Mountain. Once you summit Twin Peaks, you will have a 360 degree view from the top. As you drop down to the crest of the mountain you will arrive at a heavily loaded water table filled with sausages, apples, Racefood and all kinds of goodness to get you down your decent. A wooden frame was built for you to stand behind so a memory of yourself and the beautiful view of the Drakensberg Mountains could be captured. You then drop down back to Garden of Eden which is carved single track and a canopy of poplar trees that runs along the river bank. The whole run takes place on a game farm so animals such as giraffe, zebra and different types of buck can be seen.

There will be two waterpoints on this day.

Oxpecker Day-1-2017
An absolutely awesome event and this was an inaugural edition! Most events never attain this quality. Clive Hogarth

Day 2 – 16km

The second day is easier as the legs are tired. This 16km winds you along the river and through some thick “African bushveld” where you run along beautiful single track. On this route is where you will be able to see many different Aloes. This day is short and flatter than the first day but still is a breath-taking run.

There will be one waterpoint on this day.

Epic event! Loved the 15km trail! Well organized! Squiggy Scotcher
Day 2 - 16km

This promises to be an epic event and one you don’t want to miss!

Run around the historic Spioenkop Mountain and along the banks of the powerful Tugela River all with a view of the Drakensberg.